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Advice for exercising with and for Back Pain

Has your doctor said, "Strengthen Your Core"?

back pain

Maybe you have a bad back? Maybe you have issues with balance? Either way, the common answer for these and many other related issues is to strengthen your core.

What does that even mean?

Will your problems be solved by doing the half-dozen exercises you find browsing Google or on the handout your doctor gave you? Maybe... but most likely not. In fact, some of these common core exercises can make your problem worst.

A few things to consider

  • Only do exercises that promote good posture and a neutral spine.

  • Stay away from twisting motions.

  • Do not do situps or crunches.

  • Reverse crunches may be appropriate depending on your individual case because your back is supported by the ground below you.

  • Hire a trainer who knows what they are doing. (more on how to hire a trainer here.)

  • Consult with TCF

At Taney County Fitness, we excel in low-impact functional training. We accomplish great results with our clients through the use of bands, straps, free weights, and bodyweight exercises. We offer in-person and online solutions.

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