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How to Hire A Trainer

Don't Fit The Mold? Good!

dont fit the mold

Did you know that there are cookie factories disguised as personal training facilities... no not literally. Millions of people seek help from the fitness industry in order to improve their health. In general, hiring a trainer is a great idea. But how do you hire a good one?

What to look for
  1. One key factor to look for is whether the trainer asks you a lot of relative questions specific to your needs during your consultation. There are many businesses that try to make their clients fit the mold of what a "good client" is for their schedule and financial bottom line. ex. Crossfit is for everyone... NO, IT IS NOT!

  2. If you're new to fitness or are coming back into it after a long time removed, you should start off with one on one coaching. In my opinion, it requires one on one attention to really assess where a client is currently in their health and fitness. Our job as coaches is to meet you where you are currently and map out a plan of success going forward. That is really difficult to do when a coach has 2-8 other people to worry about at the same time. If a coach tries to convince you to jump right into their boot camp classes, say no and seek one on one attention. It is for this exact reason that at TCF we offer a free consultation and 2 free personal training sessions to all new clients.

The Offer

TCF offers in-person and online solutions

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